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Great range of building and construction toys that help with fine motor development, order online, nationwide delivery. 

144 assorted shapes and struts. 6 different components which slot and slide together in a variety of ways. Contents:  85 Flats, 14 Single Peg, 14 Twin Peg, 14 Twin Disc, 7 Quad Disc, 10 Struts and an Exploring Octoplay activity booklet.  ..
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Polydron Mega Tub Polydron Mega Tub
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An enormous set of Polydron, Frameworks, wheels and swivel joints. Fantastic wall poster enclosed with fun model guide, activities and games. Builds over 60 models. Contents:  12 Frameworks Right Angle Triangles, 12 Frameworks Squares, 24 Frameworks Equilateral Triangles, 10 Polydron Squares..
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Brand: TickiT
Giant visually stunning building bricks made from beautiful rubberwood with colourful transparent acrylic inserts. Can be used in building and stacking with double and half sized bricks. The set includes 36 pieces (24 large, 12 small) with rounded corners and colourful inserts (red, green, b..
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These different shaped blocks not only connect from the all sides. 500g bag.Approx 60 Pieces..11 Different shaped pieces.6 bright colors.5cm x 3 cm approx sizes.Age 3+..
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500g bag.Approx 40 Pieces.Brightly colored.Triangle, square and pentagon shapes.flexible plastic pieces that are easy to connect and disconnect. ..
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Small Peg Activity Set Small Peg Activity Set
Top Brand
Set includes 600 pegs in 6 bright colors, 4 clear peg boards, and 15 x 2-sided activity cards...
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5 White Plastic Peg Boards and 1000 brightly coloured stackable Pegs...
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500g bag.Approx 50 Pieces..5 Different shaped pieces.4 bright colors.flexible plastic pieces that are easy to connect and disconnect. Age 3+..
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The Anthony Peters Giant Building Blocks are the biggest blocks in the Anthony Peter's collection. They are used to create extra height to structures, houses and structures and create tall towers..
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Large Anthony Peters building blocks. They are used to create extra height to structures, houses and structures and create tall towers..
Ex Tax:142.28€
Wooden Octoplay Wooden Octoplay
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Brand: Polydron
Create a dog, man, tower or many other models with this 20 piece set. Pieces measure 12 x 12cm and are 6mm thick. Made from high quality plywood. Colour instruction guide is included...
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