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Measuring, Area and Weight

A great selection of Measuring, Area and Weight products to suit a wide range of classroom activities.

Strong Plastic Metre Stick. 1 Metre long, 5cm Wide.  ..
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Explore weight and measurement with these easily stackable Hexagram® Weights. Color-coded weights offer visual cues in measurement activities. Set of 54 includes twenty 1g, twenty 5g, ten 10g and four 20g weights...
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Number Balance
Top Brand
The Number Balance is an excellent hands on demonstration tool to show children number relationships and number operations.  W65cm xH22cm.  Includes 20 weights...
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Brand: Paper Pick
Set includes 10 Double-sided Activity cards...
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High quality balance made of high-impact plastic features built-in weight case with Snap-Tight(TM) lid, 10 brass weights, 2' deep removable pans and zero adjustment knob. Total capacity of 2,000g with +/- 0.5g accuracy. Balance measures 12'L X 6'H Age 8+..
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Rocker Scales 1 Litre Bucket Balance
Top Brand
This durable plastic balance is designed for learning weight and hands-on measurement. The clear removable graduated buckets are easy for small hands to pour and measure. Buckets hold solids or liquids up to 1000ml. Sliding compensator is for level and accurate mea-surements. Assembled dimensions, L..
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Simple Scales / Pan Balance
Top Brand
This large one liter pan balance is made from durable plastic and features 1000 ml graduated pans for easy weighting of solids and liquids.  ..
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Easy wind up tape Fiberglass measuring tape is marked in cm and mm on one side and inches on reverse. Rolls into sturdy case. 10 Meters/ 33 Feet...
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Tape Measure Set Of 10
Top Brand
Set of 10 Plastic tape Measures. 1 Metre. Metric & Imperial Measurements...
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Brand: TickiT
Fun colour jugs, the perfect size for children to use in explorative play with sand and water, for colour mixing and matching, and to learn about measuring and volume. Colours match the Translucent Colour Bucket Set so can be used together for extended play value.Supports the following areas of lear..
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Measuring will come alive inside or outside with these excellent value trundle wheels. Each includes a non-slip rubber wheel and multiple adjustment handle. 5 Digit Counter. Large numerals - easy to read. Accurate measuring/can be used inside and out...
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These four sets of 24 Plastic Dominoes in one game will give practice in angle recognition and calculation. Covers Complementary and Supplementary angles, Angles and triangles and angles and quadrilaterals. Suitable for 2-4 players. The sets come boxed together and are colour coded for ease ..
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