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Early Years Numeracy

Brand: Polydron
Add the missing bead(s) to the number sequence cards to complete the sequence, threading the beads onto the laces.Contains 12 double-sided workcards across 3 levels:Green (level 1 - missing 1 number), Yellow (Level 2 - missing 2 numbers), Red (Level 3 - missing 3 numbers).Number sequences help child..
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Pack of Quality Playing Cards. 52 Cards plus Jokers...
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Rainbow Numbers
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Set of 155 magnetic foam mathematics pieces with unique in-built magnetic board. Rainbow Numbers combines simple mathematical concepts so children can keep track of counting, see number relationships and understand place value. Concrete objects are used to model what is happening when performing a m..
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Transparent yellow silicone numbers which are strong, soft and pliable and can be used in everyday play - in the sand pit, on the floor, on a light panel and in water. In a school friendly font they are useful for demonstration purposes, for display or for children to use themselves. Ideal f..
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Ten Frame Activity Cards
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Ten Frame Activity Cards. Set of 16. Helps children in visualising numbers to develop number sense, and to become proficient in addition and subtraction. Activities Include: -Recognizing Numbers. -Make to 5. -Make to 10. -Addition & Subtraction. -Practice Writing Numbers. ..
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Ten Frames Dice. Young learners will be on a roll adding and visualising numbers with these Ten-frames dice. This set of 12 dice feature familiar Ten-frame configurations that support children's learning of place value, mental maths and number bonds. 12 dice in 4 colours, 3 dice each for 0-5..
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Build number bonds to 10. The highest stacked tower wins! Roll the dice and stack as many Ten Frame number tile combinations as you can. The highest stacked tower wins! Build number bonds to 10 with the innovative stacking frames and develop arithmetic through multi-sensory learning. Helps studen..
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Ten Frames
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Helps children in visualising numbers to develop number sense, and to become proficient in addition and subtraction. 4pcs in a set with 40 red/blue 25mm counters. Framae measures 6.5 x 16cm.  ..
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Ten Frames and Counters Curriculum Cut-Outs are the perfect manipulative for early math instruction. Each pack includes: 44 ten frames 440 counters Ten frames are a great resource for teaching and practicing counting, addition, subtraction, and beginning place value.   Curric..
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Bag of Assorted Bright Coloured Plastic Numbers. 500g Bag with 8 Threading Laces...
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Brand: Paper Pick
Set of 12 Times Tables charts. Each Set contains 1 - 12 Table. Each chart Measures 27cm x 50 cm. Choose between: Addition 1 - 12 Subtraction 1 - 12 Multiplication 1 - 12 Division 1 - 12..
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