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Maths & Numeracys

Make learning fun with our range of numeracy and maths games for kids.

Celebrate math achievement with awards kids are proud to take home. They are easy to customize with personal messages, notes, and praise! 20 per pack,..
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Brand: Colorations
A huge assortment of colors and sizes for use with any project!*HIGH QUALITY NATURAL WOOD: Sticks are free from knots, splinters, and splitting*COLORFUL: Set includes wood sticks in 6 bright colors: Purple, Teal, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red*EASY TO DECORATE: Decorate with various materials using ..
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This versatile 10 Ten Frame dry erase board will help children become familiar with numbers. Use to explore numbers and Number bonds to 10 on one side and numbers to 20 on the reverse side.Can be used with either a dry erase marker pen (not supplied) or counters.Made from durable plastic.Size: A5Sui..
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Transparent 3-D shapes fashioned in bright, bold colorsExplore geometry, volume, and other math conceptsEasy to fill with liquid or dry-fill, and easy to clean..
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Learning to add becomes fun and easy with Match It! Add It Up. These colourful picture equation puzzle card sets provide children with a great introduction to addition and will help to expand their math skills. They will learn to add by counting the objects, finding the answer, and correctly assembl..
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This set includes all children need to build the Numberblocks characters One to Ten in all configurations seen during episodes.MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set is ideal for maths learning in the classroom or at home.The 30 activities on the 15 write-and-wipe activity cards feature fun ..
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Raffle & Cloakroom Tickets (1-500)
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Removable tickets for raffles and cloakrooms.Numbered 1-500Additional Security with 8 sequential numberingAvailable in 5 different Colours:RedWhiteBlueGreenYellow..
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These colourful, food-safe, dishwasher-safe, liquid pack of 4 measuring cups (1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup) provide a hands-on way for children to learn measurement concepts such as volume, capacity, and fractions while cooking or engaging in imaginative play. The nesting design means they ..
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Rekenrek Counting Frame Abacus
New Top Brand
Rekenrek Counting FrameThis rekenrek plastic abacus features two rows of two different colored plastic beads that easily slide back and forth on metal rods...
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Student 1-20 Bead String Set of 10 Student 1-20 Bead String Set of 10
Top Brand
Superb quality bead string.Beads made from solid polished acrylic resin, – pleasant to handle, no flaking paint and no sharp bits!Coloured cord improves visibility of beads, and retains a clean appearance.Beads fit snugly on cord, enabling bead string to be manipulated without disrupting position of..
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CompassDivider15cm ruler180 protractor60 set square45 set squareEraserPencil sharpenerPencilTimetables and FactsheetAll contained in a metal storage box ..
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Double-sided dry erase counting boards for teachers. Use for counting on to 120 and counting back into negative numbers (on reverse). Addition, subtraction, number patterns, missing numbers, and number sequences. Read numbers in words. Made from durable plastic...
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