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A fantastic collection of products to help develop the understanding of time in the classroom.

Geared colour-coded clock lets you demonstrate time concepts to the whole class and assess student understanding. Clock shows the corresponding digital time and features AM/PM window. Digital window opens and closes for assessment. Clock measures 39cm H...
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Beat The Turtle (Time Bingo) is played in a similar manner to traditional bingo. There will be lots of fun and excitement as the team of three children selects one card at a time from the top of the deck. If a player picks up a card that matches a time on his/her board, it may be placed in the corre..
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This 12-Hour demonstration clock is a great way to help kids grasp time-telling skills. A hidden mechanism maintains correct hour and minute relationships. This clock has easy-to-ready hour and minute markings. There is also a removable stand. Includes:      • Demonstration cloc..
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Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts. Color-coding supports student understanding and durable, geared clock hands are designed to last! Kit includes:      • Demonstration Clock      • 24 Mini Clocks ..
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Set of 10 student clocks. Printed on heavy Cardboard with Moveable Hands. 12 Hour. 6 inch Diameter...
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Set of 10 student clocks. Printed on heavy Cardboard with Moveable Hands. 24 Hour. 6 inch Diameter...
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Set of 3 clock stamps. Hours with numbers, Hours with no numbers(5 Minute divisions). Hours and minutes with no numbers. All have no hands so students can mark them in as they learn. 2 Inch Diameter...
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Has 12 and 24 hour clock, date and alarm. Includes stop/start, lap & split time, mode and reset buttons.Black Adjustable Nylon Neck Cord. Specification Size of display: 30 x 15mm. LR1154 battery included...
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Digital Timer Dual Power Set of 5 Digital Timer Dual Power Set of 5
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These handy sized timers can time up or down to 99 mins and 59 seconds. A bleeping alarm is sounded to say the time has been reached. Having dual power functionality means they are always charged and ready to go. The push buttons have been designed for ease of use. The timers can be used in ..
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Brand: EasyRead
Our Past and To Classroom Wall Clocks are perfect for pre-school and primary classrooms. The clear design and simple 3-step teaching system make it easy for children to learn to read the time in terms of ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’ the hour. Teach your students the 3-step system and they w..
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Brand: EasyRead
EasyRead Time Teacher Children’s Playground Wall Clock with simple 3-step teaching system.Age 5-12.  Robust weatherproof construction, for school playgrounds.  36 cm Diameter.  Single AA battery required (not included)...
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Giant Sit on Sand Timers Clear View Giant Sit on Sand Timers Clear View
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Enormous stylish sand timer which acts as a centrepiece timing device. Just like a standard egg timer it is simply rotated to set the sand flowing. At 325mm high it is ideal and strong enough for little children to use for timing events or tasks. The visual appeal and its impressive size mak..
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