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10 Jun Storage boxes
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Great news!!!We have sourced a new supplier for classroom storage solutions. From giant P.E storage boxes to teeny tiny boxes. Stackable boxes, boxes with wheels, desktop tubs and baskets.New storage ..
16 May Thank you
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This post is just a little thank you to all the parents and schools that have supported us during this unforeseen and unstable trading time. The  Covid 19 pandemic has been one of the most troubling t..
31 Aug EasyRead Time Teacher Clocks
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Help Students in the classroom and children at home learn Telling Time with Easyread Time Teacher Clocks.Not only are these Clocks large with clear, easy identifiable numbers. These Clocks also Teach ..
30 Aug Viga Creating Blocks
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The kids can use these Viga creating  blocks to build any shapes, buildings or animals.  This is an ideal toy for creation and innovation. This 250 pcs. wooden block set includs 150 pcs. natural wood ..
28 Aug Rainbow Eco Products
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We are delighted to announce that we are the Irish distributor for Rainbow Eco Products.Rainbow Eco design and manufacture a colourful range of environmentally friendly creative sand products for chil..
27 Aug Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft
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 Make your very own Christmas tree with pipe cleaners perfect for the classroom or even as a gift! What you will need:Pipe cleanersGluePom PomsButtonsGlitterHow to make1. Curl your pipe cleaners into ..
26 Aug Halloween Paper Plate Bat
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How To Make A Paper Plate Bat Craft:Supplies:Small Paper Plates x 2Black PaintPaint BrushPencilScissorsGlueBlack Card Googly EyesWhite Crayon, Chalk, or MarkerDirections:Paint the small paper plates w..
19 Aug Halloween Pumpkin
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Items needed:A4 Orange CardA3 Black Card or Black Sugar PaperTeacher Scissors or Children’s Safety ScissorsPVA Glue or Pritt StickSteps:1)      Using a pencil Sketch out half a picture of a pumpkin on..
13 Aug St. Bridget's Day Pipe Cleaner Cross
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What you need: 16 Art Straws Green Pipe CleanersHow to make:1. Hold one of the straws vertically. Fold a second straw in half as in the diagram.2. Place the first vertical Straw in the centre of the f..
13 Aug Lolly Pop Stick Pencil Holder
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All you need: ◘ Two dozen clean wooden lollipop sticks (you'll need more if you choose a larger container)◘ Cardboard tube container (Pringles tube can be used)◘ Craft glue◘ Assorted coloured paint◘ S..
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