All you need:


◘ Two dozen clean wooden lollipop sticks (you'll need more if you choose a larger container)

◘ Cardboard tube container (Pringles tube can be used)

 Craft glue

◘ Assorted coloured paint

 Small paint brushes or makeup sponges for applying the paint

◘ Several rubber bands large enough to go around the container

 Enough heavy string or ribbon to go around the container several times

◘ One piece of paper ( this will mostly be covered by sticks)


Top Tip: Use a ring pull top Food can as they have a smooth rim when lid removed.


Remove label and wash a tin food can.

Attach roughly 24 Coloured lollypop sticks vertically to the can.

Mix up the colours to make it extra bright.

Apply an optional ribbon band with a bow or any other decorative material.