Help Students in the classroom and children at home learn Telling Time with Easyread Time Teacher Clocks.

Not only are these Clocks large with clear, easy identifiable numbers. These Clocks also Teach "To" and "Past" which is indicated on the face unlike standard wall clocks.

Available in Weatherproof and Tough outdoor Playground Clock or Indoor Classroom Clock.

Coaching children on how to tell the time is never easy, and educators often have to find new and exciting ways of teaching this essential life skill. Most teachers will know that explaining how to tell the time can be a tricky task that leaves many pupils confused. Easyread Time teachers are there to help.

See out how they work in the video below.

How much do the EasyRead Time Teachers cost?

The Clocks are great value at only €29.95 for the indoor Classroom Clock or €59.95 for the Outdoor Playground Clock.

You can order them online today or buy them in store, we offer nationwide delivery charged a Flat rate of €7.50 Per order.