This post is just a little thank you to all the parents and schools that have supported us during this unforeseen and unstable trading time. The  Covid 19 pandemic has been one of the most troubling times for businesses not just in Ireland. There has been a huge shift of people supporting small Irish businesses such as ourselves online. For this we are hugely grateful.

Parents have been desperately seeking art supplies, paint, play sand and games to keep their little ones busy during school and childcare closures. We have been overwhelmed with messages from parents thanking us for our fast delivery and customer service. It is so nice to hear people are delighted with the products we supply and the great service of our staff. But most of all we want to thank you for supporting us and other small Irish businesses.

Many schools big and small from all over the country have contacted us to make up packs for them to send home to their students. Every budget was different and we are able to tailor the packs accordingly.

If any school are intrested in these packs please phone us 021-4346299 or email