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Counting, Sort and Sequence

School Supplies: Fun and educational Counting, Sort and Sequence maths games for the kids. 

All About My Family Counters
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This multi-tasking family helps reinforce maths themes and social development. Promote social and emotional development with the All About Me range. Colourful family counters represent people and pets in all families. Family counters can be used for: “All About Me” theme..
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Promote social and emotional development Use these colourful activity cards with our All About Me Family Counters to reinforce maths themes and social development. Attractive activity cards represent people and pets in all families. Activities can be used to teach a variety of early m..
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Attribute Shape Links Attribute Shape Links
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Bag of 500 brightly coloured shape links. Circle, square and triangular pieces. Perfect for counting, sorting, matching and motor skills. 6 Colors...
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14 double sided activity cards to be used to Sort, Match and Count Proportional Bears. Thats 28 Activities...
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Snap For Beginners contains 160 laminated cards, divided and coded into two sets. Ideal for the development of pre-reading skills, the cards are perfect as a sorting and matching activity for children. Small groups can have lots of fun playing Snap, Fish or Concentration games that will enhance the..
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Cololurfull chain links. Ideal for counting and sorting. 500 links in storage box...
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Connecting Camel Activity Sequencing Cards
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This colourful set of 20 laminated cards teaches sequencing, patterning, size and colour and recognition. Also develops motor skills and positional terms. There are 5 levels of difficulty 1 being the easiest and 5 the most difficult. Age range: 3-6+ Contents: Pack of 20 laminated cards and instr..
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This colourful set of early number starter cards compliment our Connecting Camels range. Develops logical thought and knowledge of colour and size. The cards also explore weight, sorting, number lines and sequencing. Explores sorting, measurement, counting and estimation, addition and subtraction..
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96 Connecting cammels, Mixed bright colours with storage jar. 3 different sized camels in the set. Each Size is Weight Related. Small = 5g , Medium = 10g & Large = 15g. Activety cards sold seperately...
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A versatile, linking manipulative that is perfect for helping young children deal with counting, comparing and sorting. Children will naturally create number stories with them. Sturdy plastic people come in male and female versions—three sizes of each in four colors. The set contains four of e..
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Tub of large plastic Cotton Reels. Bright and Colourfull. Ideal for sorting, counting and colour matching. Laces included for threading with Stoppers. 122 pieces in total...
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Fun, colorful tool to teach students counting, sorting, and measuring. Includes 8 - 6-5/16" pieces, 16 - 3-1/8" pieces, 24 - 1-9/16" pieces, and 24 - 3/4" pieces in a sturdy storage box. A total of 72 pieces!..
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