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Counting, Sort and Sequence

School Supplies: Fun and educational Counting, Sort and Sequence maths games for the kids. 

Brand: TickiT
Translucent plastic counters in 6 colours that can be stacked into towers or used for counting, sorting, pattern-making and sequencing. Comes in a convenient storage container.Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - motor skills • Understanding the World - colour ..
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5 White Plastic Peg Boards and 1000 brightly coloured stackable Pegs...
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Brand: TickiT
Set of mixed shape translucent plastic buttons in 6 colours with 1, 3 or 5 holes in the centre. Ideal for using on a light panel for sorting and counting activities, or for developing fine motor skills by stacking or threading with the laces included. Red, orange, yellow, greeen, blue and clear; Sta..
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Hundreds, Tens & Units. Colour scheme compatible with Place Value Arrows. Teacher’s chart features laminated write-on, wipe-off surface. Teacher’s  size 70 x 21 cm...
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Each set includes 10 cards each showing ten red spots and 10 cards each showing ten black spots Designed to be used alongside the original set of cards to 10 (FW01) to display quantities to 100 and to support an understanding of place value...
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This adorable set of plastic bears comes in three sizes, three weights and four colors. Not only will your little ones enjoy playing with these bears, but learn size recognition, counting and sorting. Bears are also proportionally weighted and can be used on a balance for measurement discoveries. Th..
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Brand: TickiT
Mixed building blocks in translucent plastic, including circular and rectangular pillars, triangular prisms, cubes and bridges. Comes in a convenient storage container.Supports the following areas of learning:• Physical Development - construction • Understanding the World - colour • Maths ..
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·  Transparent plastic counters are perfect for a variety of numeracy activities. ·  Set of counters includes six colours: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple & Orange. ·  Plastic counters are 2cm diameter. ·  Set includes 250 counter..
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Colourfull Transport Counters in plastic storage jar. 72 Pieces. ...
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Two-colour counters in bright, bold colours are perfect for modelling maths concepts! Set of 120 2.5cm counters. Ideal for: Counting, Sorting, Patterning, Probability. Includes a multilingual guide. Two-colour counters Red on one side, Yellow on the Other...
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Colourfull Vegetable Counters in plastic storage jar. 144 Pieces. ...
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Colourfull Wild Animal Counters in plastic storage jar. 120 Pieces. ...
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