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Brand: TickiT
SORTING AND DISPLAY -- Beautifully constructed beechwood tray divided into 14 sections which can be used for sorting and display.MIX AND MATCH -- Mix and Match Sets with other TickiT Wooden TreasuresINTERCHANGABLE -- Complements our Rainbow Wooden Loose Parts & Architect ranges.INCLUDES -- 1 Woo..
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Brand: TickiT
Free standing tubular steel basketball hoop with a nylon rope net. Designed at a comfortable height for children - or adults with restricted movement - to help improve hand-eye coordination and provide a challenge and reachable goal. Weather proofed so can be used inside and out. Simple self..
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Brand: TickiT
A set comprising 2 bumper cars and 4 ring magnets. The cars have slots to accommodate the ring magnets. Children will learn all about the power of magnets as well as the force of magnetic attraction and repulsion. The cars will run away or towards each other depending upon how the magnets are arrang..
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Brand: TickiT
Large 40 piece selection of trowels, scoops, rakes and sieves, in red, blue green and yellow. Children will build, sift, scrape, scoop, dig and make patterns. Ideal for larger groups and collaborative play.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - exploration • Physica..
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Color Paddles Color Paddles
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Brand: TickiT
Transparent colour paddles in 6 different colours. Paddles have a hole in the handle so they can be strung together.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - colour • Understanding the World - observation • Physical Development - motor skillsSpecificationLength 1..
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Brand: TickiT
A plastic egg box containing a dozen eggs which each pull apart to reveal brightly coloured centres with numbers to match with their corresponding pegs and holes. Ideal for learning to count, number recognition and colour matching.Supports the following areas of learning: • Maths - number &am..
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Brand: TickiT
These beautiful, high-quality rainbow streamer ribbons come in sets of six different colours.Each streamer has long satin ribbon (180cm) with a plastic wand (23cm) that sparkles with the same colour glitter as the ribbon.Rainbow Ribbons help your students work on range of motion, eye-tracking, balan..
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Brand: TickiT
A colourful and practical 10-piece set of percussion instruments, ideal for young children to learn about sound and rhythm, and encouraging group participation in songs and dance.Contents: 2 hand bells, 2 grip rattles, 3 hand shakers, 2 rainmakers and an ocean drum in a convenient zipped storage..
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Brand: TickiT
Set of 3 transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) sealed inside hardwood frames with easy grip handles. Looking through them children will see the world in different colours, or they can use more than one to create new colours. Easy to handle and robust making them suitable for chi..
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Exploration Circle Cover Exploration Circle Cover
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Brand: TickiT
Flexible, waterproof plastic cover with elastic lip to keep the contents of the Exploration Circle clean and dry.Specification Dia. approx 800mm...
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Brand: TickiT
4 coloured quadrant trays with a grey metal stand forming a sturdy activity circle. Children can play and discover the properties of sand, water, confetti, wood chippings or whatever medium you decide to place into the handy sized trays which are easy to manage, clean, lift and empty. Ideal ..
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Brand: TickiT
Giant sized art tray for use on a desk, on the floor - inside or out. Made from clear polycarbonate giving it incredible strength and longevity in the classroom where its rigidity means that even when filled with water it can be lifted and moved around without it flexing. In addition to its everyday..
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