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Brand: TickiT
The Understanding Feelings set has been designed to help children to learn about a range of feelings and to enable them to communicate more effectively with others. Using the components of the set children will be able to discuss, observe and better understand how they and others feel. Incl..
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Brand: TickiT
These sturdy, functional brushes are the correct size and weight for young children to use effectively. They can be used to encourage children to take a pride in keeping the setting tidy as well as props for role play. Wooden handle and Nylon bristles. Supports the following areas of learning:•..
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Brand: TickiT
Attractive solid wood table with a bright LED light panel in the top, providing a versatile cross-curricular resource for any SEN or early years setting. New touch switch technology includes a lock function to prevent the panel being switched off unintentionally.With adjustable legs, the table can e..
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