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Scrapbook A4+ 24 page Special Online Offer Scrapbook A4+ 24 page Special Online Offer
-5 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Paper Pick
24 Page Scrap Book.  A4+ Size 320 x 240mm. Bright Coloured Card...
1.89€ 1.99€
Ex Tax:1.54€
Brand: Paper Pick
48 Page Scrap Book.A4+ Size 320 x 240mmBright Coloured Card...
2.30€ 2.45€
Ex Tax:1.87€
Scribble Drawing Paper 40cm x 60cm Online Special Price
-17 %
Brand: Paper Pick
Scribble paper pack of 250Large white sheets ideal for fun drawing and scribble workValue Pack of 250 sheets..
14.95€ 17.95€
Ex Tax:12.15€
Brand: Staedtler
Flip Top Wallet of 6 Coloured Staedtler Whiteboard markers. Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Purple.Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces like glass and porcelain without leaving a trace. Fast-drying, low odour. DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up...
8.45€ 8.95€
Ex Tax:6.87€
Tippex Fluid 20ml Bottle Box of 10 Offer
-13 %
Offer: Box 10 Tipp-Ex Rappid Fluid. With RAPID you are guaranteed clean- precise corrections fast. Unlike standard brush applicators that tend to harden and splay- its new wedge-shaped foam applicator stays in shape for super-smooth surfaces and easy rewriting- time after time. This quick-dry cor..
20.00€ 23.00€
Ex Tax:16.26€
Tricky Forest
-18 % Out Of Stock
This unique game where children must build up the trees while keeping them in balance, combines the fine motor control and develops skills like color recognition and logical thinking. It is also a rich workshop for teaching patterns and counting, both individually or in groups...
49.00€ 59.95€
Ex Tax:39.84€
Twistable Crayons 12's Box of 10 SPECIAL PRICE AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY
-12 %
Brand: Staedtler
Offer: 10 Wallets of 12 assorted Colours. Easy to handle, just twist and draw. No sharpening required.Colour intensive wax. High break resistance. Lead contains food colouring. Clear barrel. 6mm Lead diameter.  ..
37.50€ 42.50€
Ex Tax:30.49€
UHU White Tak 50g Box of 12 Offer
-15 %
Brand: Pritt
OFFER: Box of 12 UHU Tac 50g UHU white Sticky Tac is versatile, easily removable and reusable, pre-cut into adhesives squares. This provides an ideal alternative to pins or tape as UHU tac is non-permanent and garentees an easily removable solution to fixing posters, paper, greeting cards or oth..
19.95€ 23.40€
Ex Tax:16.22€
Whiteboard Cleaner 250ml
-25 %
A Non-Toxic cleaning spray for use on all kind of dry-erase writing boards. Spray on and wipe clean with a soft cloth or tissue. Use regularly to ensure lasting quality of the writing surface...
5.95€ 7.95€
Ex Tax:4.84€
Brand: Faber Castell
Box of Classic Faber Castell Winner HB Writing Pencils. Box of 144...
26.95€ 27.95€
Ex Tax:21.91€
Word Building Group Kit
-13 %
This kit have been created to support the NLS Letters and Sounds Synthetic Phonics Programme, but can be used as a supplementary resource to support many other synthetic phonics schemes. The Group kit contains enough equipment for groups of 6 children. Additional items and replacements are availa..
69.95€ 79.95€
Ex Tax:56.87€
Fluorescent Coloured Work/flash Cards. 12 Inch x 4 Inch. Strong 280gsm Card. Pack of 50...
3.60€ 3.75€
Ex Tax:2.93€
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