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Post Primary Mathematics

Our Range of PDST maths products and PDST maths games suitable for post primary use.

Fraction Bars
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296 Fraction bars ideal for teaching fractions. a modern twist on the Classic Cuisenaire Rods but these fraction bars are weighted. 1 uint is 1 gram so can be used for weights in balance. Comes in a Plastic Storage Jar. 16 full sets of 1-10 Units Plus extras...
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Fraction Circles
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8.7cm Diameter Plastic Fraction Circles. 9 coloured disks to teach different segmant fractions of a circle. Clear Plastic Storage Container...
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Fraction Squares
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10cm Plastic Fraction Squares. 9 Coloured squares to teach fractions. Clear Plastic Storage Container...
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Geo Boards Activity Cards
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Designed to challenge Students in Learning about Symmetry,Reflection and Regular & Irregular Shapes. 20 x 2-sided activity cards, 15cm x 15cm...
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Geo Peg Board Activity Set Geo Peg Board Activity Set
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Ideal for developing fine motor skills, patterning & sequencing, creative design, addition & subtraction and logical reasoning skills. Contains: 4 EVA foam boards that can be joined together, 144 pegs in 6 colours, 12 laces, 12 double sided activity cards supplied in a sturdy plastic..
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Geo Pin Boards
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These colorful isometric 9" (23cm) square geobaords are double-sided with an 11x11 pin grid array on one side and an 11x11 triangular pin array on the other. Each set includes 6 colors and a pack of 144 elastic bands. 6pcs shrink-wrapped...
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Geo Skeletal Set
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Stick & Ball Geometry Kit 330pcs, includes 6 sizes of sticks. Complete with Clear Plastic Storage Container. 40 x 12.5cm in red 40 x 10.5cm in blue 40 x 8.2cm in yellow 40 x 6.9cm in green 45 x 5.3cm in purple 45 x 3.3cm in orange 80 balls in 6 colors...
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Set of 40 Mini 3D Plastic Shapes. 2.5 cm Height, lenghts and Diameters...
Ex Tax:10.98€
Set of 17 Large 3D Plastic Shapes. 10 cm Height, lenghts and Diameters...
46.95€ 49.95€
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This set of dominoes aims to aid the recognition of two-and three-dimensional shapes and to extend a mathematical vocabulary by introducing terms in general use. These 24 dominoes, which are printed in colour on thick durable plastic, are particularly easy to handle.  ..
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Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles   Demonstrate fractions, percentages and equivalencies on your whiteboard. Helps students understand relationships between concepts of fractions and percentages — labeled with fractions on one side and percentages on reverse Extends lea..
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Giant Sit on Sand Timers Clear View Giant Sit on Sand Timers Clear View
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Enormous stylish sand timer which acts as a centrepiece timing device. Just like a standard egg timer it is simply rotated to set the sand flowing. At 325mm high it is ideal and strong enough for little children to use for timing events or tasks. The visual appeal and its impressive size mak..
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