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Whiteboard Accessories

Browse through our range of whiteboard accessories including, dry wipe pencil markers, dry wipe boards and more.
Brand: Staedtler
Flip Top Wallet of 6 Coloured Staedtler Whiteboard markers. Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Purple.Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces like glass and porcelain without leaving a trace. Fast-drying, low odour. DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up...
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Suction Spinners & Whiteboards Suction Spinners & Whiteboards
Top Brand
10 wipe-clean whiteboards (200mm square) and 10 suction spinners with 10cm pointers.Make your own spinner dice or invent your own games! Ideal for classroom work on probability.The whiteboards are printed with concentric circles which provide a template for easy subdivision by the user for ..
Ex Tax:19.47€
Colorful magnetic hooks lend you a strong hand! Free up more wall and bulletin board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces. Great for hanging pocket charts, flipbooks, decorations, hall passes, and more. Set of 4 in bright colors: red, blue, green a..
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Whiteboard Cleaner 250ml
-25 %
A Non-Toxic cleaning spray for use on all kind of dry-erase writing boards. Spray on and wipe clean with a soft cloth or tissue. Use regularly to ensure lasting quality of the writing surface...
5.95€ 7.95€
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Brand: Q-Connect
This lightweight Q-Connect Peelable Board Eraser is made from high quality, multi-layered felt for gentle erasing of drywipe marks on your board. For long lasting use, when the top layer is dirty, simply peel off to reveal a fresh layer underneath. 12 Peel able strips.  ..
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Wallet of 12 Coloured Whiteboard Markers.Chisel Tip...
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Plastic Handle Cloth Whiteboard and Blackboard Eraser...
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  Set of 5 Write and Wipe Pockets. Reduce paper wastage and help save the environment! Save on paper, save on photocopying; save money and save the environment! Slip any activity worksheet into these handy pockets Clear pockets turn any paper into a reusable wipe-clean activi..
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