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Popular Arts & Crafts accessories for the classroom.

Brand: Colorations
NO MESS, NO HASSLE: These convenient cups are easy to use and help to prevent messes from occurring.MEANT TO CONTAIN ALL CONTENTS SECURELY: Use them for a variety of crafting materials such as paint, glue, beads, sequins, buttons, googly eyes, pom poms, foam shapes, and more.USE FOR PAINT, GLUE, AND..
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Craft Trolley Product available online only Craft Trolley Product available online only
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A mobile 2 tier arts and craft storage trolley. Easily fits eight storage buckets per tier. ..
€260.00 €395.00
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Pump for 5 Lr drums such as PVA and Poster Paints. Takes the hassle and mess out of dispensing liquids...
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Pack of 10 white glue spreaders...
Ex Tax:€2.03
Plastic Colourfull Paint and water Pot. 10cm/4 Inch wide base designed to be extra sturdy and to further prevent a mess or spillage. Set of 4. Ideal for young children.H 10 cm , W 10 cm..
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Brand: Essdee
Hard Rubber Lino Printing Roller. 100mm / 4 Inch. This sturdy rubber roller is perfect for printmaking and a default choice for education and purchasing authorities worldwide. The rigid body and steel brackets give strength to the durable 70 shore EPDM rubber roller enabling heavy use, out-perfor..
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This set of 2 Nylon Banners allows children to paint their own banners and display in the classroom..
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Messy Mats Messy Mats
Top Brand
These easy clean messy mats are made from tough polypropylene, which is waterproof and stain proof so great for any classroom or at home. Each translucent mat has a 2cm grid and can be used when children are working with cutting paper, paint, glue, plaster, papier mache or when building models fr..
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Mobile Paint Drying Rack
Out Of Stock
25 Shelf Drying Rack. Metal frame and Rack. Plastic Castors for easy movement between rooms...
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Paint and Craft Tray 4 Pack Paint and Craft Tray 4 Pack
Top Brand
Set of 4 Bright Colours. Super tough Art trays keeps things neat and organized. These durable trays are suitable for carrying glue, paint, or collage materials for each art group. Measures 400 x 300 x 30mm. Great for marbling ink. ..
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Pack of 6 Colored Size 2 Paint blocks. Fit perfectly into our Paint Palettes. Dry Paint Blocks, Just wet the brush, dab on the block and paint away.Paint blocks sold separately...
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Plastic paint brush holder.Can hold up to 64 brushes.Size: 7.5 x 10cm.Colours may vary...
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