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Creall Poster Paint 500ml Bottle Special Price Available Online Only
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Brand: Havo
Creall Poster Paint  superior quality water-based poster paint very high pigmentation ready-to-use or mixable highly water soluble; retaining strong colour properties and viscosity very high coverage very good adhesion to most surfaces colours mutually mixable matt once drie..
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Brand: Havo
Creall 1 Litre Textile Medium. Mix 1:1 With poster paint to turn regular poster paint into fabric paint...
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Brand: Havo
Creall "Pearl" Medium turns your Creall poster paints into a shimmering, pearlescent paint that has a beautiful finish for all projects and artwork. Ideal for adding lustre and shine to any painted object! Mix with undiluted paint and apply immediately. Dries permanent and durable. Comes i..
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Brand: Havo
Water based sticker medium, mix 1 part paint with 2 parts Creall sticker medium. This mixture can be painted on to a smooth surface such as a window and removed as a sticker once dry. The design is waterproof. Sold in a 1 Litre 1000ml Bottle...
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Brand: Havo
Versatile Medium 100% acylate based. Dries to form a transparent, flexible and waterproof layer. Ideal for modelling, mixing, glazing and varnishing.Suitable as strong adhesive on porous surfaces. Sold in a 1 Litre 1000ml Bottle...
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