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Brand: Jovi
Jovi air hardening clay is suitable for children from the age of 4! It is a pleasure to use, has a pleasant and fresh feel and it doesn't stain in the way that clay does. It can be shaped by hand or by covering frames made of different materials (wire, wood...).Then you just leave it to dry naturall..
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Brand: Jovi
Jovi Soft dough set of 5 bright colours that can be mixed together.Yellow, Red, Green, Blue & Purple. 5 x 110g pots.It can be used with moulds, rolling pins, modelling tools and presses or extruders. It can be moulded easily.A wide range of colours which can be mixed together...
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Jovicolor Triwax Crayons 12s Jovicolor Triwax Crayons 12s
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Brand: Jovi
12 Triangular wax crayons that do not stain or break. In fun, bright colours, their triangular design make them ideal for a child's hand and they will not roll away. With TRIWAX crayons children can draw smooth, regular lines and the crayons slide well over the paper.They are pleasant to draw with a..
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