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Craft Kits For Kids

Stocking a wide range of school supples, arts and crafts kits for kids including, seasonal products for kids activities.

Felt Christmas Stocking To Sew
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Felt Christmas Stocking Kit Includes 7cm Plastic Needle. Pre Cut And Pre-Punched Holes. Felt Cutouts & Wool. Makes 1 Stocking...
Ex Tax:€2.03
Felt Hand Puppets Set of 6 felt hand puppets 6 Different Coloured puppets(2 sheets each), 6 Coloured Wool & 3 Plastic Sewing Needles 7cm. Pre-cut and Pre-Punched Holes...
Ex Tax:€7.11
Pack of 10 White Cotton Flags to Decorate. 30cm Plastic Pole with Round Top. White Cotton Flag Material...
Ex Tax:€15.41
Knitting wool and Wooden Needles set. 10 Coloured Wool and 20 Needles per set. (10 children) Colours May Vary...
Ex Tax:€14.59
Messy Mats Messy Mats
Top Brand
These easy clean messy mats are made from tough polypropylene, which is waterproof and stain proof so great for any classroom or at home. Each translucent mat has a 2cm grid and can be used when children are working with cutting paper, paint, glue, plaster, papier mache or when building models fr..
Ex Tax:€12.15
Brand: Paper Pick
Santa Kits to Decorate. Pack of 6 Cardboard Santa Kits including Brass Fasteners. Colour, Paint and Create a Hanging Santa with moveable parts. 7 Pieces per Santa. Holes Pre-Punched for Fasteners...
Ex Tax:€3.54
Pack of 10 wooden spoons and accompanying craft materials to make spoon people. Instructions included...
Ex Tax:€9.72
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