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Coloring Pencils.

Jumbo, regular.


Grip texture.

Brand: EDQU
Hexagonal barrelled children’s colouring pencils. Comes in an attractive box which fits perfectly inside a tray.Class Pack of 28812 Assorted colours..
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Brand: Faber Castell
Jumbo Coloured pencils with a thick triangular barrel are designed to fit perfectly in little hands. The patented Soft-Grip zone ensures fatigue-free and comfortable drawing. The water-soluble pigments give fantastic results: simply draw your picture then apply water to a paintbrush to create beauti..
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Brand: Faber Castell
Colour Grip coloured pencils feature an ergonomic triangular barrel and patented Soft-Grip zone. This ensures fatigue-free and comfortable drawing. The high pigmentation in the lead makes colours very vivid. The water-soluble pigments give fantastic results: simply draw your picture then apply water..
Ex Tax:€7.52
Brand: Staedtler
Staedtler Colouring Pencils. Pack of 12. NEW - The first coloured pencil made from the innovative WOPEX material Traditional hexagonal shape Attractive stripe design Increased breaking point strength Brilliant colours Ergonomic soft surface Wood from PEFC-certified ..
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Brand: Faber Castell
The classic wooden barrel pencils: 48 coloured pencils in a standard size and hexagonal shape. They feature vivid colours and a special bonding process to make them break resistant. Hexagonal colour pencils.Brilliant colours.Highest break-resistance due to secural bonding process (SV).Wood ..
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Brand: Faber Castell
Faber-Castell's Junior Triangular pencils make an ideal school pencil. The triangular shape fits comfortably into the hands of young artists for tireless colouring. The thick pigment-rich lead ensures a smooth colour lay-down Triangular shape for tireless writing. Brilliant colours with a silky ..
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Brand: Staedtler
Perfect for drawing portraits and people pictures. Quality coloured pencils for school. High pigment colours applied with a soft rich lead. Now with ABS - the Anti-Break System for uninterrupted creativity. Wood from certified, sustainable managed forests.12 Assorted skin shades...
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Brand: Faber Castell
Faber Castell Water Soluble Colouring Pencils.Classic hexagonal coloured pencil with break resistant lead. Due to the water-soluble pigments in the lead you can create fantastic effects.  Pack of 12 including Brush.Watercolour pencil with brilliant colours.Fully water-soluble lead.Br..
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Brand: Faber Castell
Box of Classic Faber Castell Winner HB Writing Pencils. Box of 144...
Ex Tax:€23.54
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