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 Arts and Craft Supplies: Colouring markers,colouring pencils,pens, ideal for creating art pieces in the home or in the classroom.

Highlighter cap with clip, can also be used on chemical paper and fax, available 6 fluorescent colours and 6 pastel coloursChisel tip, double writing stroke 1 mm and 5 mm1 x 6 fluorescent colours: yellow, green, pink, light blue, orange, purple and 1 x 6 pastel colours: cream, pink, cedar, apricot, ..
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32 Markers with Fluorescent Ink Fine Tip Superwashable Available Online Only 32 Markers with Fluorescent Ink Fine Tip Superwashable Available Online Only
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3mm fine nib, super strong nibSafe inks, super washable, dermatologically tested4 pieces x 8 bright fluorescent coloursVented anti-shock hood for use age 3+..
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Pastel colours highlighter with clip. Suitable for leisure, school and office.Chisel tip, double writing stroke. Suitable for normal, fax and photocopy paper.Available in 6 fashionable soft colours: cream, pink, cedar, apricot, water blue and lavender...
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Baby Colour Markers 50 Pack Suitable 1 year plus Baby Colour Markers 50 Pack Suitable 1 year plus
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Fiber pen, ideal for the younger children not sinking and not seizable. Super-washable Plus ink.Immediate washability only with water. Vented anti-choking cap.50 pack of mixed colours ..
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Box of 12 BIC Kids pencils with blue barrels that are specially designed to teach kids 4 and up how to writeThe visual guiding line shows kids the proper and natural finger placement so it's easy to learn how to hold a pencilSpecially designed by experts to fit children's hands, plus it has a place ..
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Set of 4 liquid chalk markers.Bullet tip.4 different colors...
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3mm super strong fine tip in 6 pastel colours: cream, pink, cedar, apricot, aqua blue, lavenderDermatologically tested safe inks36 packEasily removable inks from skin and most fabricsAge of use 3+..
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Brand: Staedtler
Staedtler Fibre-Tip Pens, double Tip 1.0mm & 3.0mm Ventilated Safety cap. Long Life Colouring Markers. Washes easily out of most textiles Brilliant colours..
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Brand: Staedtler
Staedtler Colouring Pencils. Pack of 12. NEW - The first coloured pencil made from the innovative WOPEX material Traditional hexagonal shape Attractive stripe design Increased breaking point strength Brilliant colours Ergonomic soft surface Wood from PEFC-certified ..
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Brand: Faber Castell
The classic wooden barrel pencils: 48 coloured pencils in a standard size and hexagonal shape. They feature vivid colours and a special bonding process to make them break resistant. Hexagonal colour pencils.Brilliant colours.Highest break-resistance due to secural bonding process (SV).Wood ..
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Brand: Faber Castell
The Columbus pencil was first manufactured here in Ireland in the 1950s. Since then this distinctive pencil has gone on to become Ireland's favourite. It is made from the highest quality Californian Cedar wood and German leads. The range has the right pencils for every task. 6B to B are for artwork..
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Brand: Staedtler
Box of 10 Black Staedtler Slim White Board Markers. Ideal for students with desktop whiteboards. Can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and surfaces like glass and porcelain without leaving a trace. Fast-drying, low odour. DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up...
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