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Plaster Of Paris 5 Kg Modeling Powder

Plaster Of Paris 5 Kg Modeling Powder
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Plaster Of Paris 5 Kg Modeling Powder

A fine Scola cast powder/plaster of Paris which is suitable for producing moulded figures, chess sets, or whatever you wish from latex or other suitable moulds.

Mixing is simple – just add water and mix to a creamy consistency.
Setting time is approximately forty minutes, at which time the mould can be removed.

The model should be thoroughly dry before painting – either at room temperature or for faster results in a temperature of 40°C.

Decorating a mould is an experience which children really enjoy, and they can keep for years to come.
You can decorate the newly dried plaster with whatever the child wishes, they can use paint, glitter, glue on embellishment, add extra detail with pipe cleaners or anything you wish.

This is a perfect craft to give as a gift or for the child to take home or even leave in the classroom.

5kg bag.
Ages 3+ years

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