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Brand: Staedtler
These scissors have a comfortable, ergonomic plastic handle and rubber finger loops. Steel blades which combine excellent cutting quality with safety conscious rounded edges. This scissors measure 210mm and are ideal for office environments and the home...
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Brand: Q-Connect
Ideal for retail, office and warehouse applications, this Q-Connect Cutter is designed for medium duty use. The 18mm blade is easily accessed through the slide mechanism and the knife features a locking device for safe use. The split tail design allows for easy blade replacement when requi..
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Double Loop Training Scissors.4 loop cutting training scissors.18cm long.Age 4+..
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Two thirds of the size of standard Easi-Grip® Scissors the Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors are ideal for Early Years scissor skills development or for special needs due to weak hands or small hands.Both adult and child versions can in most cases can be used in either left or right hand.  The a..
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The Mini Easi-Grip® Scissors, are ultra light weight self-opening scissors. Designed for use by those with weak hands or wrists or who are unable to use conventional style scissors due to swollen and painful joints, but actually just a very handy pair of scissors that no ho..
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Brand: Faber Castell
Grip school scissors, The innovative children's scissors are perfect for small hands, absolutely safe and developed by educational resource designers. Cutting is one of the most important foundations in a child's development, as it trains hand-eye coordination ..
Ex Tax:€2.24
Our Long Loop Scissors have been designed with an extended loop to give increased strength and control over the cutting action.  Assists children with poor motor control, including those with Dyspraxia and similar conditions. ..
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Plastic Safety Scissors...
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Single Hole Paper Punch
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Strong Metal Single Hole Punch. Great For Paper,Card & Soft Plastics...
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Student/Childrens Scissors. Left Handed. Plastic Handles. 5cm Steel Blade with Rounded Tip for Safety...
Ex Tax:€0.81
Student/Childrens Scissors. Right Handed. Plastic Handles. 5cm Steel Blade with Rounded Tip for Safety...
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OFFER: 1 Wooden Scissors Block & 30 Childrens Scisssors. (25 Right Handed & 5 Left Handed.)..
Ex Tax:€29.23
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