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Browse our range of sensory toys & mood products including, sensory toys for autism. If you are looking for a certain item that you can't find here please contact us and we will be happy to try to source it for you.

Brand: BigJigs
Adorable wooden Rainmaker that recreates the soft sound of falling rain.The colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects.Length (CM)5.5Height (CM)19Width (CM)5.5..
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Ex Tax:8.90€
Children express their creativity and explore their senses as they make loads of fun designs in dough, paint and more!- Set of 4 designs – stars, rings, lines and circles.- Size: 6cm diameter- Suitable for ages 3+..
Ex Tax:8.90€
Brand: TickiT
Brightly coloured LED flashing balls.4 per pack.Unique textured surface.Diameter of 100mm..
Ex Tax:23.36€
This aesthetically pleasing tube acts as a timer whilst also providing a cool look to brighten up a room.Available in 5 different coloursRedPinkBlueGreenYellow..
Ex Tax:8.09€
Brand: TickiT
tickit® Sensory Texture Balls will provide your child with endless fun. Great for children to play with in sensory areas or to play throw and catch games with. They are the perfect size for small hands and the balls each have different textured surfaces making them interesting and tactile.Set i..
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These Texture mats have unique fittings for sensory needs of a child.From Smooth to Rough to Furry, these 6 mats are 30x30cm in length and are easily fitted...
Ex Tax:48.74€
This aesthetically pleasing tube acts as a timer whilst also showing a calming and cool sequence for the timer to run out.Comes in two different colours, Red or BlueApprox. 1 minute..
Ex Tax:8.09€
These sensory timers are aesthetically pleasing for a child's eye whilst also keeping track of time.Comes in 3 different coloursRedBlueGreenApprox. 1 minute timingEach sold separately*The surrounding temperature should be between 0-50C. Keep out of direct sunlight*..
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Tactile Balls Tactile Balls
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Six differently coloured soft-plastic air filled balls of the right size to enable toddlers and young children to hold them, examine them, play with them and to discover their differences. Set includes 6 balls with different distinctive surface textures. Can also be used for pattern making i..
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Tangle Hairy Tangle Hairy
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The Tangle Hairy Fidget Toy is a puzzle, game and fidget toy in one. Turn, twist and curl for hands on fidget fun. Once you pick it up, you’ll find it’s hard to put it down.It’s the ultimate sensory fidget toy for kids This fidget toy is great for destressing and releasing restless energy. Fidg..
Ex Tax:12.15€
This aesthetically pleasing sensory tube is curved in stature and allows two free flowing liquids to simultaneously be used as timers.Comes in 3 different colours:RedBlueGreenApprox. 1 Minute..
Ex Tax:8.10€
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