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Great range of building and construction toys that help with fine motor development, order online, nationwide delivery. 

Set of 4 x 500 Pieces.5 Assorted Colors.Size: 2 cmIdeal for Counting, Subtraction, Multiplication and Sorting Skills...
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Attribute Shape Links Attribute Shape Links
Top Brand
Bag of 500 brightly coloured shape links. Circle, square and triangular pieces. Perfect for counting, sorting, matching and motor skills. 6 Colors...
Ex Tax:13.78€
These blocks not only connect from the top and bottom like traditional building blocks, they also have a slide together connection on all sides.500g bag.Approx 60 Pieces..2 Different shaped pieces.6 bright colors.Age 3+..
Ex Tax:12.15€
Bloko - 100 - Family
Out Of Stock
Bloko is a fantastic early year Construction toy. Its Bristle/Tooth design means the blocks can connect from all sides. Designed and Manufactured in Europe. Box including 100 pieces of tooth construction blocks. Blocks in various c..
Ex Tax:40.61€
53 PieceIncluding game keeper, lion and monkey figuresMade out of quality materialSuitable for age 1 -6 years ..
Ex Tax:30.04€
These blocks not only connect from the top and bottom like traditional building blocks, they also have a slide together connection on all sides.500g bag.Roughly 60 Pieces with each piece approx. 5cm10 bright colours.Age 3+..
Ex Tax:12.15€
Brand: Paper Pick
Counting Cube Sequencing Cards. Pack of 14 Sequencing Cards printed on heavy 310gsm Card. 7 Coloured Cube Cards and 7 Blank Cube Cards. Great to use on it own or with our Counting Cubes...
Ex Tax:3.21€
Brand: Polydron
A great student set. Build and explore the five Platonic Solids all at once. Contents:  32 Equilateral Triangles, 12 Pentagons and 6 Squares. L x W x H (cm):  25 x 24 x 4..
Ex Tax:18.66€
Geo Skeletal Set
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Stick & Ball Geometry Kit 330pcs, includes 6 sizes of sticks. Complete with Clear Plastic Storage Container. 40 x 12.5cm in red 40 x 10.5cm in blue 40 x 8.2cm in yellow 40 x 6.9cm in green 45 x 5.3cm in purple 45 x 3.3cm in orange 80 balls in 6 colors...
Ex Tax:24.35€
Brand: Polydron
Giant Polydron construction sets help children to understand spatial awareness from an early age, whilst having great fun.The product encourages children to make and recognise 2 and 3 dimensional shapes such as a rocket, star or a boat.The shapes are designed so they are easy for little hands to..
Ex Tax:77.24€
Made of eco-friendly rubberwood, this jumbo block set is perfect for little hands.These natural Jumbo Wooden Blocks will delight your little one and provide hours of fun and learning opportunities as they create and build. Wooden blocks of all different shapes and sizes ensure that every pla..
Ex Tax:81.29€
Jumbo Peg Board & Pegs
Top Brand
Jumbo pegs. 5 bright colors. 100 pegs + 1 white baseboard in a set.  Each baseboard measures 20cm square...
Ex Tax:12.15€
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