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Create the perfect experiment with this wide range of classroom instruments. Nationwide delivery available on all orders. 

Clinometre MK2 Clinometre MK2
Top Brand
A compact clinometre with no external parts and a combined 'sighting' angle-reading eyepiece. A viewing window on the side allows a second person to check the reading. All angles in degrees followed by a plus or minus to indicate the upward or downward slope. Complete with product guide. Si..
Ex Tax:32.11€
Student hand held Magnifying Glass. Clear handle. 134 mm Lenght...
Ex Tax:1.59€
Set of 5  Measuring Beakers with Pouring Lip and Handles. 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000ml...
Ex Tax:8.09€
Measuring Jugs
Top Brand
Set of 3 Graduated Measuring Jugs with Pouring Lip and Handles. 250, 500 & 1000ml...
Ex Tax:8.09€
Pippete Set of 3
Top Brand
These large water blasting Pipettes allow children to experiment with sucking water up and squirting in other areas of their water tray, designed for young children wih a soft squeeze ball and extremely durable for long lasting fun.  Measures W3.5cm x 22.5cm long.Set of 3...
Ex Tax:2.64€
Plastic Mirrors - Square
Top Brand
Set of 8 Plastic Square Mirrors. Made from strong Acrylic.12cm.Rounded Edges for extra safety...
Ex Tax:8.90€
Brand: TickiT
Brightly coloured scoops with clear tops and scissor handles for safely capturing, holding and inspecting insects or plants.  Set of 6. Also a great aid for fine motor skills.Supports the following areas of learning:• Understanding the World - observation• Personal Development - collaborative ..
Ex Tax:12.15€
Easy wind up tape Fiberglass measuring tape is marked in cm and mm on one side and inches on reverse. Rolls into sturdy case. 10 Meters/ 33 Feet...
Ex Tax:12.15€
Tape Measure Set Of 10
Top Brand
Set of 10 Plastic tape Measures. 1 Metre. Metric & Imperial Measurements...
Ex Tax:7.28€
Thermometer Indoor/Outdoor
Top Brand
This oversized thermometer features a large, accurate 30cm glass magnifying tube, kerosene filled. Range is -40 degree to 50 degree centigrade and -40 degree to 120 degree Fahrenheit, 38cm tall. Ideal for any Classroom or Yard...
Ex Tax:8.33€
Measuring will come alive inside or outside with these excellent value trundle wheels. Each includes a non-slip rubber wheel and multiple adjustment handle. 5 Digit Counter. Large numerals - easy to read. Accurate measuring/can be used inside and out...
Ex Tax:27.24€
Pack of 10 Plastic Tweezers. Perfect for Young hands. 12cm lenght...
Ex Tax:6.46€
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