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A brightly coloured fan showing each day of the week on a separate petal. A useful tool for ordering, spelling and answering questions related to the days of the week. 16.5 x 3 cm..
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Emotion cubes are a great, hands on way to learn and discuss different emotions with young learners. Contains: - 2 picture emotion cubes - 2 emotion word cubes Made from soft foam...
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Brand: TickiT
Heuristic play is a wonderful opportunity to capitalise on toddlers’ curiosity about the objects that make up the world around them. The resources which make up this set are not be the kinds of objects traditionally thought of as toys for young children but they provide equally valuable opportun..
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Develop early learners' self-awareness! Develop social and emotional skills with these brightly coloured cubes. Images and prompts will encourage young children to think about how they’re feeling and..
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Pre-writers get a jump on oral story telling with these color-coded durable foam cubes. Blue cubes are for characters, orange cubes are for the setting and green cubes are for the situation. When cubes are combined after a roll, children have all the elements they need to start a story. Includes: &b..
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Enables children to communicate their level of understanding or confidence directly and confidentially to the teacher  i.e. upon request, the teacher  will know how many children fully understand ( Green), partly understand (Yellow), or do not understand (red), a particular topic...
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Enables children to communicate their decision or feeling about statements made by the teacher or another child. Great for responding to problem solving situations, for addressing misconceptions and for encouraging discussion. Is it always/sometimes/never true that...... half is bigger tha..
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