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Handy Numbers / Lovable Hands. Pack of 72 Plastic Hands and laces. Each hand is Numbered 1-5 with macthing amount of upright fingers. Example. The number 3 hand has 3 fingers shown and 3 holes in the palm for threading through. Ideal for counting, sorting and lacing together in sequence ..
Ex Tax:18.66€
Colourfull Insect Counters in plastic storage jar. 72 Pieces. ...
Ex Tax:21.10€
Knitting wool and Wooden Needles set. 10 Coloured Wool and 20 Needles per set. (10 children) Colours May Vary...
Ex Tax:14.59€
Bag of 300 Round Beads complete with 6 laces. Mixed strong colours. Perfect for lacing, threading, grouping, sorting and counting...
Ex Tax:21.10€
Jar of 160 Large Beads complete with laces. Mixed strong colours in cubes and spheres. Perfect for lacing, threading, grouping, sorting and counting...
Ex Tax:21.10€
Plastic Colourfull Paint and water Pot. 10cm/4 Inch wide base designed to be extra sturdy and to further prevent a mess or spillage. Set of 4. Ideal for young children.H 10 cm , W 10 cm..
Ex Tax:5.65€
Bag of 500 Bright coloured Linking cubes. Can connect from all sides so great for Construction , Counting and Sorting...
Ex Tax:34.11€
Bag of 200 Bright coloured Linking Quarter Blocks. Connect Four together to make a comple Circle or as a great add on to our Linking cubes and our Linking Cube Activity Cards. 5 Colours. Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White.  ..
Ex Tax:9.72€
500g Bag of Rubber Linking People. Approx 45 People. Bright, Colourfull 5.3cm x 7.5cm People. Connect by arms,Legs and head...
Ex Tax:10.53€
Liquid Volume Measurement Set, including 5 Nesting Measuring Bottles, 3 Measuring Jugs, 5 Measuring Cups, and 6 Measuring Spoons.Supports the following areas of learning: • Maths - measurement • Personal Development - collaborative play • Communication & Language - reasoning Specification N..
Ex Tax:32.48€
Bag of 1000 Natural lollipop Sticks...
Ex Tax:8.09€
There are endless for crating with our bag of 100 Coloured Lollipop Sticks, ideal for adult projects and kids projects. ..
Ex Tax:1.59€
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