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Large plastic Geometric Buttons. Colourfull Round, Square and Triangular Buttons with Threading laces in a plastic storage Jar. 81 Pieces...
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This set of dominoes aims to aid the recognition of two-and three-dimensional shapes and to extend a mathematical vocabulary by introducing terms in general use. These 24 dominoes, which are printed in colour on thick durable plastic, are particularly easy to handle.  ..
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Jar of 48 Giant Beads complete with laces. Mixed strong colours in cubes and spheres. Perfect for lacing, threading, grouping, sorting and counting...
Ex Tax:€21.10
Cololurfull Giant Chain Links. Ideal for counting and sorting. 200 links in storage jar...
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Giant Foam Dice: Bright yellow giant Foam Dice, Set of 2. Large, Soft and great for maths games or outdoor games. Pack contains 1 Dot Dice and 1 Number Dice. 12cm x 12cm...
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Roll Of Single Coloured Traditional Gift Ribbon.Glossy on both sides.10mm Wide.250 Metres...
Ex Tax:€4.02
Glitter Glue 120g. Squesable Plastic Bottle with Fine point nib. Plastic Locking Cap Attached...
Ex Tax:€3.21
Set of 6 large Grouping Circles. 20 Inch / 50 cm Diameter.2 Red, 2 Blue & 2 Yellow...
Ex Tax:€10.98
Set of 15 Grouping Circles. 10 Inch /25 cm Diamater.5 Red, 5 Blue & 5 Yellow...
Ex Tax:€8.90
Bag of 5000 Halloween Seqins. Halloween Themed colours. Black,White & Orange...
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Halloween Stampers Halloween Stampers
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Set of 6 Haloween Paint Stampers.Mage of Solid Foam with raised stamping pattern.6 Different designs.Handy Elastic strap on the back for ease of use. 3 Inch Diameter...
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Handy Numbers / Lovable Hands. Pack of 72 Plastic Hands and laces. Each hand is Numbered 1-5 with macthing amount of upright fingers. Example. The number 3 hand has 3 fingers shown and 3 holes in the palm for threading through. Ideal for counting, sorting and lacing together in sequence ..
Ex Tax:€18.66
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