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We've got the fluffiest pom poms anywhere!assortment includes poms of all sizes, colours, textures and stylesThese poms are thick and plush and made of top quality acrylicThe perfect bulk classroom pack to inspire creative craftingIdeal for  school use...
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This super assortment of brightly coloured pom poms gives you 700 pieces for 700 times the fun!Includes 100 each of assorted, neon, animal colours, marble and glitter pomsSpecial addition of 200 mini pomsEnjoy a variety of bright colors and sizesCreate a multitude of crafting projects..
Ex Tax:16.22€
Construct o straws. Plastic coloured straws with connectors. 300 pieces. 210mm Lenght. Pliable Plastic straws will curve  and bend to fit onto the joiners...
Ex Tax:16.22€
Educational Resources - Construction Straws.Set of 400 plastic connecting construction straws.Strong and Flexible straws.Straw size: 20 Cm length .  6mm diameter.Endless possibilities of what can be made.Complete with plastic storage box...
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Tub of large plastic Cotton Reels. Bright and Colourfull. Ideal for sorting, counting and colour matching. Laces included for threading with Stoppers. 122 pieces in total...
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A5 sized White Cotton Canvas, Teach sewing and stiching. great for making book marks and christmas tree decorations. 12 Sheets 15cm x 20cm...
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Roll Of Single Coloured Cotton String. High Quality 25m Roll.  ..
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Colourfull plastic Counter Bowls. Ideal for sorting, counting and storage of crayons. Pack of 10...
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Bag of 500 assorted Coloured Counter Discs. 22mm...
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Counting Cubes 5 Pack of 100
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OFFER: 5 Packs of 100 Plastic linking cubes. Easy for young children to connect, teach sorting, addition and fractions. 5 Packs of 10 x 10 Colours.NB:  Colours not compatable with 100 pack Product EED1*This Product is exemp from any further Promotion or Discount...
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Ex Tax:32.48€
100 Plastic linking cubes. Easy for young children to connect, teach sorting, addition and fractions. 10 x 10 Colours. NB:  Colours not compatable with 500 pack Product EED BULK..
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Crazy Daisys, Large and colourfull, great for little hands construction. 75 pieces in Plastic storage Jar...
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