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Bag of 5000 Easter Sequins. Easter themed Pastel Colours...
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Practice in recognising fractions in common use and expressing them both as vulgar fractions and their decimal equivalents. The set of 24 pieces 40 x 80mm are printed in two colours on durable and washable plastic dominoes and instructions are included...
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This Magnetic Demonstration Kit contains Both Coins & Notes. Coins:1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c €1 & €2. Notes: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 & €500. Ideal for use on Magnetic Whiteboards...
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Real Looking Plastic Euro Play Coins. Slightly Enlarged for Safety. Pack of 120 coins. 10 x €2, 10 x €1, 10 x 50c, 10 x 20c, 20 x 10c, 20 x 5c, 20 x 2c , 20 x 1c...
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Colourfull Farm Animal Counters in plastic storage jar. 192 Pieces. ...
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Feathers Single Colour Pack of 200 Feathers Single Colour Pack of 200
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Felt Christmas Stocking To Sew
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Felt Christmas Stocking Kit Includes 7cm Plastic Needle. Pre Cut And Pre-Punched Holes. Felt Cutouts & Wool. Makes 1 Stocking...
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Felt Hand Puppets Set of 6 felt hand puppets 6 Different Coloured puppets(2 sheets each), 6 Coloured Wool & 3 Plastic Sewing Needles 7cm. Pre-cut and Pre-Punched Holes...
Ex Tax:7.11€
Felt For Arts & CraftsHigh Quality Felt Rolls.45cm X 5 Metre.Strong Vibrant Colours...
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A4 felt sheets Assorted Bold Colours 10 Sheets...
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Pack of 10 White Cotton Flags to Decorate. 30cm Plastic Pole with Round Top. White Cotton Flag Material...
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A4 Foam Board. 8 Sheets of Polystyrene Board. Bright colours on One side and White on the other...
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